Friday, June 11, 2010

I Wanna Do a Make-up Series?I NEED YOU HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Lovely's! It's time for a MAKE UP SERIES!!....I really want to do a series of wearable but BOLD looks within a certain Catagory so i created a poll so that my follower can help me because t all about you guys and i love hearing from you the four choices are as follows:
1.Disney Princess-I'd be recreating loos that are in spired by your fave disney princess
2.Sexy and the City 2-I'd be doin looks inspired by the sexy Carrie,Samantha,Charlotte,and Miranda
3.Twilight-I'll be doing looks inspired by the intriging characters of that series
4.Celebrity Divas-ill recreated looks by some of the FIERCEST Celebrity Divas

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote on my poll in the side bar id love to get you feed back so VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!....MUAH<3


  1. wow I think is a great and fun idea ; )

  2. well I vote for celebrity look since I couldnt vote on the poll :)

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  4. I voted for Sex & The City! I hope it wins, but they all seem so inspiring, can't wait!

  5. Awesome idea. I vote for Sex and the City!