Sunday, July 4, 2010

Review: Maybeline The The Falsies Volume Express + Poll winner

HEY LOVELY'S!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY 4th OF JULY!! today im gonna be doing a reveiw on an awesom mascara that is just bought Maybeline The The Falsies Volume Express ....I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY LOVVVVVVVVVVE this mascara to me it lives up to what they say....Now im not saying your gonna look like you have these long dramatic fake lashes but this mascra definately gives the illusion on thick longer lashes and like it advertises it doesnt leeave any gaps and to me it doesnt flake much either so i definately give this product two thumbs up and i recomend it!


 The winner of my Poll is DISNEY PRINCESS!!!!!!! 
 I will starts the series soon and id love to hear who you guys wanna see most so i can make sure i do themm i love you guys and thank u for voting!!!


  1. oh cant wait i was going to buy that mascara the other day!

  2. do it girl its awesome....its definately my favorite right now